Sunday, 17 March 2013

Guinness truffles.....a big fat fail

Everyone is Irish on St. Paddy's Day - and since I married into an Irish family I feel even more so. Just add a O' to my surname and you have one of the most Irish names out there.  My husband's family hails from County Cork, and ended up in Ontario by way of Boston in the mid 1800's.

This year I had the grand idea of making chocolate stout truffles.....well, let's just say it didn't work out. I have some very delicious rich chocolate frosting balls at home.  Not pretty. I tried to roll them in green sprinkles and learned an important lesson - sugar absorbs liquid. And turns into a paste.  Oh well, they taste good, anyways.

So, wish me luck, I am going to attempt some Guinness chocolate cupcakes later this afternoon

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